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Endlich ist es soweit - wir ziehen um...

It's finally here - we're moving...

We started as a two-man show (son and I), as befits a classic start-up, in a garage.

However, due to the increasing variety of products and also the space for the packages to be sent, the volume of material is much too small so that it was no longer practicable and the narrowness disrupted the processes massively.

In the end it was quite a mess here because there was simply no space for the mass of products and we had to constantly rearrange everything to get an overview again - and after that it was time for Tetris to get everything back in:

That's why we will move from April 2022 and occupy a larger storage area. It is just 4 kilometers away from the current location.

We have already procured a suitable vehicle for company traffic. How could it be otherwise than purely electrically operated - with the street scooter.

As an e-mobility shop, it's not possible for us to drive around in a diesel van.
The good piece helps us to manage the move and later to carry out the transport between the old (we will of course keep it) and the new location:

But as is the case with the street scooter (it has a certain reputation!), we had to use our transport roller for a different purpose in order to get the good thing running again (the 12-volt starter battery no longer wanted to):

But when it drives, which it mostly does, it's fun and it serves its purpose because the loading area is just huge. Exactly what we need.

 We are already looking forward to the new premises and the space that will give us a chance for more structure, better sorting according to vehicles and orderly processes.

I set up a corner there for photos and then no longer have to use the yard or the parquet floor as a base. Then the pictures will be a bit more professional - at least that's the theory.

We'll make an on-site report when the time has come and we've settled in at the new location.


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