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E-Mobility Shop goes Autowäsche -> Handwäsche um genau zu sein!

E-Mobility Shop goes car wash -> hand wash to be exact!

The time has come, we have expanded our product range.

Many of our customers bought a brand new car with their Tesla for the very first time and they love their vehicle and of course now want to cherish and care for it.

And that's exactly where we are at the point, because that's how I felt too. I also didn't want to drive my car to the car wash anymore, I wanted to wash my Tesla by hand, just like I did with my previous cars.
I had stocked up on high-quality products (mostly those from a Swiss manufacturer that also offers wax).

You can buy everything there, including microfiber cloths of all kinds. That's why I stocked up well there and was always totally satisfied, even if the price was quite high.
Through my contacts in China, at some point I noticed products that were very similar to the towels I used, and I initially ordered individual samples. What can I say, the quality simply amazed me, because I couldn't see any differences in some products (such as the waffle towels).

This is exactly what I would like my customers to benefit from now and have therefore decided to offer these very high-quality microfiber cloths as well.

Virtually everything you need for a good hand car wash that is gentle on the paintwork.

Of course, this starts with the right bucket (with Grid Guard, of course), where the dirt particles sink into the bottom of the bucket and are held there and the Grid Guard prevents them from scratching the paintwork with the next wipe.

Ideally, you wash by hand with the 2-bucket method.

Then of course you also need washing gloves, microfiber cloths to absorb wax again, cleaning and drying cloths.

We have all of that now. In the usual good quality.
All products have been personally tested and found to be good.

Feel free to get started, true to the motto, do you still wash or do you already care...

The new care area can be found here:

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