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TESLA Model Y accessories

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of tailor-made TESLA Model Y accessories. Since its debut, Model Y has captured the hearts of electric car enthusiasts with its groundbreaking technology and impressive performance. To optimize your driving experience and add a personal touch to your TESLA, we proudly present an exclusive selection of accessories designed specifically for Model Y. Explore our range of highest quality and give your TESLA Model Y an extra dimension of impressive individuality.

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The rise of the TESLA Model Y in Germany

Since its introduction in autumn 2021, the TESLA Model Y has quickly become one of the most sought-after electric vehicles in Germany, particularly popular with families. This model is characterized by its spacious interior and extensive trunk, which makes it particularly practical and comfortable.

Personalize your Model Y with our premium accessories

Make your TESLA Model Y stand out with our exclusive range of accessories. We offer environmentally friendly 2befair rubber mats "Made in Germany", functional organizer boxes, protective films, elegant hubcaps or rims and much more. All of our products are rigorously tested on our own Model Y to ensure they meet our high quality standards.

Large selection of TESLA Model Y accessories in the E-Mobility Shop

Organization solutions for the interior

Our TESLA Model Y accessories include products such as center console and door organizers. These help to create order in the vehicle interior and use the storage space more efficiently.

Protective products for durability and cleanliness

Our TESLA Model Y accessories also include protective products. These include rubber floor mats, air vents, jack adapters and charging socket covers that protect your vehicle from dirt, scratches and potential damage.

Special products for vehicle safety

Also discover our special accessories for your TESLA Model Y, such as tempered glass screen protectors and camera covers, which protect both the vehicle's technology and your privacy.

TESLA Model Y  Accessories for special seasons

Our TESLA Model Y accessories offer tailored protection for your vehicle in every season. From specialized sun protection products for the roof and windshield to practical cooler bags for the frunk, discover innovative solutions to protect your TESLA Model Y from the elements and increase your driving comfort.

Individual design options

TESLA Model Y owners can personalize their vehicle with options such as vehicle wraps, custom lighting systems, personalized door sills or door handles. Customize your TESLA Model Y your own style with our selection of durable films and covers. Discover and personalize now.

More than just TESLA Model X accessories

Buy TESLA Model Y accessories and secure benefits

Your questions, our answers

What types of charging accessories are available for TESLA Model Y?

The TESLA Model Y can be equipped with various types of charging accessories, including the Mobile Connector for flexible charging options, the Wall Connector for faster charging at home, and various adapters for public charging stations. Discover our charging cables for electric cars !

Which towbars are compatible with the TESLA Model Y?

The TESLA Model Y can be equipped with a towbar offered by TESLA or compatible third-party systems.

Are there options for additional security features or theft protection?

The TESLA Model Y has additional security options such as dashcams compatible with Sentry mode, GPS trackers and alarm systems to protect against theft.

Which TESLA certified tire brands and models are recommended?

TESLA recommends specific tire brands and models optimized for Model Y, including products from Michelin, Pirelli and Continental.

Are there TESLA Model Y accessories to improve the vehicle's range or energy efficiency?

There are accessories such as aerodynamic hubcaps or rims and tires with lower rolling resistance that can improve the range and energy efficiency of the TESLA Model Y.

What gadgets or technical enhancements are available for the Model Y?

Various technical enhancements are available for the TESLA Model Y, including wireless chargers for smartphones, additional USB ports and Bluetooth adapters.

Are there special TESLA Model Y accessories for vehicle interior design or organization?

For the design and organization of the interior, we offer special TESLA Model Y accessories such as center console organizers, trunk organizers and separation systems as well as sun protection visors.

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