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Anbringen der Ladekantenschutzfolie beim Tesla Model Y

Attaching the bumper protection film to the Tesla Model Y

The time has come, the Tesla Model Y from Grünheide is here and because our dog always rides in the trunk, I immediately attached the protective film on the loading sill and would like to share it with you in a short picture story:


First of all, the car (or the area where the film is to be applied) must be cleaned. I just washed the whole car:

Then I unpacked the product and removed the last remnants of moisture, dust, fluff, fingerprints, etc. with the e-mobility shop cloth.

And then the procedure started right away. I mixed a bottle with water and some washing-up liquid (a small drop is really enough here). I got a little too much dish soap with my mixture, but it still worked quite well. Then spray the area where the film sits:

Do the same with the foil on the side to be glued:

So, now the foil can be applied and pushed into the correct position. The parking sensors serve as a guide here.

Here you can pull the film a bit so that the cutouts fit perfectly with the parking sensors and are placed in the middle (unfortunately I read that too late in the instructions, although it is described there in RED quite clearly).
But who reads a manual? ;-)

Then use the enclosed squeegee to push the air bubbles out to the sides and up and down. Then fold the film around the edge and squeegee diligently until the film is bubble-free. That worked quite well and the film compensates for the slight curvature of the bumper. So you don't have to cut anything on the foil or anything, even if that was my first reflex.
That fits and pulls along accordingly.

Then the scraping begins...

Ladekantenschutz-Folie rakeln

and keep scraping...

and keep squeegeeing away the air bubbles...

You can see the foam in the photo. This is because (as I said above) I had too much dish soap in the water. A small drop is really enough, but it still worked quite well - here is the result:

Model Y mit der angebrachten Ladekanten-Schutzfolie vom E-Mobility Shop

You have to look very closely to see the film at all. But that's how it should be - almost invisible ;-)

Here is a picture detail of what it looks like if you do NOT stand the foil as described in the instructions, pull a little until the parking sensors are in the middle:

This works better and those who can read have a clear advantage - but it also works that way and the sensors work exactly as before. Also hardly noticeable. But so that you pay attention to it, I explicitly point it out here.

Here is the entire rear view again.

Tesla Model Y mit angebrachter Ladekanten-Schutzfolie vom E-Mobility-Shop

You really have to look for the foil. Is just as inconspicuous in real life.

I wish you a lot of fun imitating.

Here is the link to the product page here in the shop:

Loading sill protective film Tesla Model Y

Many greetings,


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