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Unser Versand-Konzept

Our shipping concept

In addition to other accessory products, the e-mobility shop mainly sells floor mats and trunk mats.

Now, these mats have the property that they are quite large and unwieldy from the point of view of shipping the mats.
An often very annoying experience is when the package arrives and the mats are creased.

In order to prevent this, we have dealt with some of our suppliers and made sure that the mats are sent without kinks.

Versandkiste Kofferraummatten

Versandkiste geöffnet

And our shipping boxes are so big that the mats don't have to be folded. We're reaching the limits of what can still be shipped in standard sizes. Because more than 1.20 meters, the package is considered bulky goods. Fortunately, the mats are a little smaller, so that the shipping carton, measuring 1.19 meters x 0.6 meters, is just about the maximum size and can still be shipped at moderate prices.

Versandkarton Kofferraummatte

This shipping carton then has the dimensions 119 x 60 x 27 centimeters.
The trunk mat is only rolled up a little, but there are no kinks.

But the Frunkmatte also has its own box measuring 77 x 60 x 12 centimeters and is not folded.

 Frunkmatte im Versandkarton

This is our understanding of what we think our customers expect from us.

The delivery to the branch or, in the case of smaller packages, to the packing station is of course carried out in a species-appropriate manner in the Tesla...

Tesla-Lastesel für Paketversand

Whereby just about 3 boxes from the trunk mats fit into the Tesla Model S. Otherwise, only smaller packages can be included.

In any case, we hope you enjoy the products - especially when they arrive wrinkle-free.


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