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Einblicke in unser Lager

Insights into our warehouse

The days of delivering from the garage have been history for a few months now. Today we would like to give you an insight into our new warehouse.

This is where we assemble your products, pack them and also advise local customers who come from the area or who stop with us in transit. Our warehouse is only a few minutes away from the A2 (Porta Westfalica exit), where, according to the Tesla homepage, a supercharger charging station is to be built this year (Q4/2022).

We currently have a lot of space in the warehouse:
Unser Lager - E-Mobility Shop

Things looked very different at the end of the garage days, everything was crammed full and the aisles were really narrow. Picking the packages was a challenge. Growth and an expansion of the product range were no longer possible under the circumstances.

But that finally stopped and we now have enough space to work properly.
The aisles are wide and the products are sorted by model.

The structure of the storage locations is mirrored for Model 3 and Model Y, so that you know immediately where the products are and you can grab the products more quickly. Each model has its own series and between the Model 3 and Model Y are the common products for M3/MY.

Finally we also have an area to take product photos.
Gone are the days when we took product pictures on the courtyard pavement or the parquet.

 I hope to have given you halfway interesting insights into our new place of work.

Many greetings,

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