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Tesla Model Y sun protection element - Two-part sun protection element

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Two-piece sun protection element as a 4-piece set (with UV protection film) for the Tesla Model Y, or in the ICY version as a 2-piece set with reflective dots on one top (which later points to the glass roof).

Each available in gray and black.

Prevent a heated interior with the sun protection elements.

- Easiest assembly

- no tools necessary

- keeps the heat outside the car

- no more sun glare from above

- UV protection film can also be installed (only with the 4-piece set)


The 4-part set consists of two sun protection elements and two silver UV protection foils, which are easily attached between the sun protection element and the glass roof with the enclosed clips.

The ICY set consists of two parts and the function of the reflective film is taken over by reflective dots applied to the sun protection element.

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