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Tesla Model 3 luxury floor mat set, 6 pieces - rubber mat with velor cover

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Our luxurious 3-piece Tesla Model Y floor mat set combines the advantages of rubber mats and velor carpets.

This way you get the advantages of both worlds combined in one product. The mats are waterproof and protect the car from moisture and at the same time have a great look. Since the cushion is made of velor, it also provides a comfortable and homely feeling and is attached using snap fasteners so that it cannot slip. 
The velor cushions are very easy to clean, as are the rubber mats.

6-piece set consisting of:
- Driver's side rubber mat
- Driver's side velor cushion
- Passenger side rubber floor mat
- Passenger side velor cushion
- Rear seat rubber mat
- Back seat cushion velor

The rubber mats are made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomers)
The pad is made of a nylon material called Menis

Made in China

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