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Tesla Model S,3, X and Y lifting platform mount (set of 4) - jack pad - jack mount

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Jack Pad lift mount for the Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y (4 pieces as a set)

Not all workshops and tire services have the right mounts to lift the Tesla Model S, 3, X and Y without having to risk damage to the battery.

That's why these lifting platform holders should be stowed in the trunk (for example in the cable compartment below the trunk) in order to be optimally prepared for a visit to the workshop at any time. The recording also works with standard car jacks.

- Solid metal construction with protective rubber ring

- Odorless

- Set of 4 with bag

Update/Note on the Model Y Standard Range from Grünheide: The Standard Range models are delivered with both BYD batteries (smaller pick-up points) and LFP batteries (conventional pick-up points). Therefore, please look carefully at which battery is installed before choosing the right lift mount.


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