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Starter-Set Tesla Model Y

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Tesla Model Y ventilation grilles for footwell ventilation - set of 2 (size)

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Our Model Y Starter Set contains the most important products that you need for a new Model Y and that really make sense. There is also an attractive price advantage on this product bundle.

When making the selection, we made sure to only select really useful and helpful accessories.

Floor mats: The all-weather mats protect the footwell of the Model Y from moisture and dirt. They can be quickly taken in and out to clean them. Thanks to the high edge, even small stones do not fall back into the footwell.

Organizer box: very helpful for bringing order and structure to the large compartment in the center console. You get another storage level and can push the compartment forward to get to the compartment below.

Ventilation grille: There is a ventilation shaft under the front seats into which stones, change or other objects can often fall. These then cause unpleasant noises in the ventilation duct and are also very difficult to fish out again. The ventilation grille prevents objects from falling in and is a must-have in our opinion.
Update/Note on the Model Y Standard Range from Grünheide: The Standard Range Model Y are available with both a BYD battery (larger ventilation opening) and an LFP battery (smaller ventilation opening). Therefore, please take a close look at which battery is installed before choosing the right ventilation grille.

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