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Tesla Model Y Hubcap Set in Turbine Design - 19 Inch

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Tesla Model Y hubcaps in turbine design 19 inches offer a visually appealing design and are designed for the series Gemini rims.
The hubcaps are based on the turbine design of Tesla's performance model.
With the 19-inch wheel cap set you can significantly upgrade your vehicle. The design gives your Model Y an elegant and stylish look.

- 4-piece set of 19 inch hubcaps
- Includes clips for a secure hold
- Colour: matt black
- including hub cap and sealing tape
- easy assembly without tools

A notice:
Like the original Tesla hubcaps, these hubcaps are held in place with clamps, which can lead to visual marks/light damage to the spokes of the rims due to dirt and/or friction. We assume no liability for this!

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