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AirPods holder for the inductive charging cradle in the Tesla with OOONO mounting option

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Color: anthracite

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Apple AirPods holder for the Tesla charging cradle made of sustainable recycled plastic as 3D printing.

Suitable for AirPods 3rd Generation and AirPods Pro (Generation 1 and 2)

This holder positions the inductively charging Apple AirPod cases exactly above the charging coil so that the AirPods can be charged and do not slip.
The product was designed by us and is also printed by us using high-quality Prusa printers in Minden, which stands for high print quality.

We have three different bio-based materials on offer (all without industrial dyes and chemicals):
- Recycled plastic (anthracite)
- Wheat (from leftover wheat from grain production) 
- Coffee (with coffee grounds from the recycling industry)

By using bio-based PLA filament made from recycled materials, wheat residues or coffee grounds, small speckles are created on the surface. The recycled material makes the filament more environmentally friendly and helps promote the circular economy.

Note: The AirPods shown are not part of the item offered and are for illustrative purposes only.

We would also be happy to create your own design for you. We have our own technical product designer in-house.
Other colors available on request.

Made in Germany - PLA filament made in EU

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