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12 meter charging cable for electric cars 16A 3-phase, 11kW, Type2/Type2

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Charging cable for electric cars 16A 3-phase, 11kW, Type2/Type2, 15 meters long, so that you can actually reach the charging station from every side of the vehicle.
This means it doesn't matter where the charging port is located on the vehicle.

Available in black cable with black/green plug.

This means that every electric car with a Type 2 connection (BEV and also PHEV) can be charged at public AC charging stations with up to 16A and three-phase, for example.

Of course, single-phase or two-phase charging can also be used. It can also be charged with lower currents.

A charging cable bag from the E-Mobility Shop is included with the charging cable free of charge.

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